Accomodating people with learning disabilities

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If you are seeking a job or are new to the workforce, you should become familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), a federal civil rights law designed to prevent discrimination and enable individuals with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of society.One fundamental principle of the ADA is that individuals with disabilities who want to work and are qualified to work must have an equal opportunity to work.The State Department of Education in each state enforces IDEA.

You also must be able to do the job you want or were hired to do, with or without reasonable accommodation.

The ADA protects you from discrimination in all employment practices, including: job application procedures, hiring, firing, training, pay, promotion, benefits, and leave.

(Source: British Journal of Learning Support, 2008) For more information, visit “Bullying Statistics.” Many students with disabilities are already addressing challenges in the academic environment.

When they are bullied, it can directly impact their education.

The Accommodation and Compliance Series is a starting point in the accommodation process and may not address every situation.

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