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There are also many thriving small businesses in town, including restaurants, retail shops, bed and breakfast inns, and artists' galleries and gift shops.

Harshaw Chapel and Cemetery is a historic 1869 Methodist chapel and cemetery.

Wander through the country side on horseback or zip through the trees with Ridge Runner Ziplines.

That didn't serve the public interest; in fact, it harmed the people's right-to-know by inspiring a new push to restrict information. Let's use a less contentious issue than guns -- home mortgages.

You probably know this, but along with other home ownership data, information about a homeowner's mortgage -- how much is owed, which bank, sometimes the terms as well -- is public information. Nearly 10 years ago, I was part of a Daily News team that investigated corruption under Philadelphia Mayor John Street.

Calaboose Cellers is located in an old stone building with bars that was used by local lawman to lock up the hooligans until they went before the magistrate, but now the jailhouse incarcerates wines.

Go llama trekking into Nantahala National Forest with Hawkesdene Llama Treks.

But if your hometown paper published a map that said, "Find out how much your neighbor owes the bank! There were questions about the mayor's ties to Commerce Bank, and I used that data -- and some other reporting -- to show how the mayor asked Commerce to refinance the mayor's mortgage the same time the bank was lobbying him for city business. The same can be true with gun data: When one of our many, many mass shootings occur, people want to know where the killer got his guns. Which is why alleged publisher David Brown is the worst person in American journalism..this moment. You have encouraged us in our mission — to provide quality news and watchdog journalism.

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