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We will discuss topics including: program benefits, costs, and the difference between dual enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP).

Dates and times are as follows: Tuesday, August 22, 2017: - p.m.

VHS is proud to announce that we will be live streaming our home varsity events starting this Saturday. Our school is always looking for ways to ensure the health and wellness of our students. read more According to district policy, the school district shall notify staff members, parents, and students of persons who are registered within the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry living within our school district.

With the upgrade of our network and getting everything we need we are finally able to go live! Providing the opportunity to access these services is one more way we can help. This continually updated information can be found at the Nebraska State Patrol's web page at Nebraska State Patrol.

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stresses that warfare is essential for the survival of a state and is a necessary subject of attention.…
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