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Hi, I am not too sure, but didnt want to read and run!

It all depends on your cycle, and when in your cycle you ovulate - for me, my last period was 6th August, which makes me 10 5, but I have a short cycle ( 27 days, and ovulate late ( day 17) so my Lutal Phase is only 10 days, I am expecting to be put back by up to a week when I have my dating scan next week, as little bubba was not actually conceived until later than 'the average time' from my period date Hope that helps a little, someone on here is bound to know more!

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It doesn't make sense to me as I couldn't have conceived on the dates the sonographer is saying!! They can usually be born 2 weeks either side of the date they give u but that is a big gap.

Now I have to wait another 10weeks for my 20week scan. I know I shouldn't worry but I just want to know how far gone I am! Try putting the first day of your last period into the pregnancy calendar on Babycentre site.

Ah well, it'll be monitored so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Also, it depends on your cycle length, too..everyone will be 40 weeks from first day of last period.

Sydney ultrasound for women said when they did my ultrasound that a dating scan for them can be plus or minus up to 5 days. So maybe you ovulated a little later than you thought?

Baby dating scan be wrong

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