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On that note, Sexcoin claims to be very fast, requiring six confirms for adequate security at a rate of one minute per confirmation (or block). It is another Litecoin-like cryptocurrency in that it uses Scrypt-encryption, preventing the use of Bitcoin-miners, called ASICs, which permit for extremely fast mining by users with the specialized hardware.Functionally speaking, it is much like Bitcoin for the end user, except the confirmation times are faster, which could make a huge difference in the adult industry.

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Tapping the cost on Coin Market Cap uncovers that Sexcoin (SXC) is just exchanged at one trade,

Be that as it may, going to Cryptsy reveals a grave issue: Cryptsy is not known for its consistent quality.

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Otherwise, it is just an average coin with a marketing gimmick, comparable to Dogecoin, but of course, relevant to a far wider audience.

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