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Earls Kitchen Bar Lincoln Park (1538 North Clybourn) is a family-owned Canadian business named after generations of men whose middle names are Earl. Now that we have pushed grammatical queries to the side, let me introduce you to a Canadian upscale … Continue reading photo credit: lies via photopin (license) " data-medium-file=" ” I think to myself, “Should I give him my real—” “Amanda,” my voice blurts out. Perhaps “top ten positions for sex with a chick in a wheelchair” or “benefits of dating someone in a wheelchair”?

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Just because it’s written in a very popular magazine, your best friend, or mom who you trust with your life says it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Worthless dating advice generally comes from popular commercial magazines like Cosmo, close, well-intended, but ignorant single friends, and your mother who thinks you can do no wrong.

We brainstormed and slumber parties were totally part of the list. This year, as I finish writing my book, Blow Me Away: Dating in the Windy City, I will be sharing posts with you about finding love in the city, date night stories, and book reviews focusing … Continue reading Amanda Elliott handles the personal side of business.

Continue reading I know what you have been wondering, why doesn’t Earls have an apostrophe? Men are notorious for a) making a vague reference to hanging out on one day sans a specific time, and b) not following thru. Looking at city life in an artistic light, she seeks to draw connections and capture Chicago's flare through ambiance, food, and conversations at professional and creative events.

As I went to pull out my chair, he said, “We’ve been waiting for you.” And yes, I mean “we”.

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