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The term Springfield rifle may refer to any one of several types of small arms produced by the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts, for the United States armed forces.In modern usage, the term "Springfield rifle" most commonly refers to the Springfield Model 1903. Has excellent blue, excellent case colors and nice wood with excellent cartouche.

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The Krag–Jørgensen, M1 Garand and M14 rifles are not typically referred to as "Springfield rifles", even though they were rifles manufactured by the Springfield Armory for the U. In music, The Springfield Rifle was the name of a pop-rock band in the Pacific Northwest in the 1960s.

Model 1892 (Krag), Model 1917 (Enfield) and all the Model 1903 (Springfield) series rifles, such as the M1903A3, 1903A4 and the rifles built by Rock Island, Remington and Smith Corona.

It comes as shown in excellent condition with sling, 2 magazines and several clips. It has a parkerized finish and a "snake-skin" camo synthetic stock.

Click for more info This is an excellent condition M1 Carbine made by National Postal Meter. Click for more info This rifle came out of an estate and is brand new, unfired, and has the original hang tags still attached.

Answer I cannot assume to know much about the rifles in question, but my father has a 22 rifle that he has given me to keep coyotes away from my home. My father remembers buying the rifle either in 1939 or 1940 just before the war started. He would have been 13 or 14 years old when he bought the gun.

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