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Season 9, Episode 154May 22, 2017A family with an alcoholic mothe seek help; a woman claims her son is the reincarnation of baseball legend Lou Gehrig; a mother who pulled a gun on another at an elementary-school drop-off line; a woman disfigured when her ex threw acid in her face receives a life-changing facial procedure.Season 9, Episode 151May 19, 2017A man saves an elderly woman from an oncoming train; Cheryl Burke of "Dancing With the Stars" discusses the dangers of online pharmacies and counterfeit meds; a woman whose unconventional "before and after" photo sparked headlines.

Last week we heard new evidence of the existance in our solar system of another large planet, which might be Nibiru.

This week Mathieu Ossendrijver published an article in Science magazine about a cuneiform tablet detailing the position of Jupiter based on geometrical calculations by the Babylonians in 350-50 BCE. "The idea of computing a body's displacement as an area in time-velocity space is usually traced back to 14th-century Europe.

Once finished, she pops one of the capsules into her mouth and washes its down with PG Tips.

She's now ready to start her working day."It helps me think more creatively and stay focused," she says.

Yet, there are data on efficacy of the vaccine, which means that it was tested on people who were already infected. Was a cohort of infected people given a placebo control?

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