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Australia’s prime minister has told the parliament that he telephoned Afghan President Ashraf Ghani “to restate Australia’s resolve to assist and support Afghanistan in its fight against Islamist terrorism.” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Thursday that the deadly truck explosion that killed 90 people had occurred less than one kilometer (less than a mile) from the Australian Embassy, which he had visited five weeks ago, and had left staff “very shaken.” Lawmakers stood in silence as a mark of respect for victims during a session of Parliament attended by Afghan Ambassador to Australia Wahidullah Waissi.

Australia announced this week it will send an additional 30 military advisers to train Afghan troops and expected other countries to increase their contributions to the restive Central Asian country.

Down there, Afghanistan was a messy, dangerous place for pretty much everybody. S.-led war, the American body count had hit 1,000, and civilian casualties were beyond calculation, as President Obama's 30,000-troop surge intensified the fighting that spring. was escalating drone strikes across the border in Pakistan. Helicopter gunships and war zones weren't on the radar; there were lattes in the square and rock climbing, and on the other side of campus, a prestigious fellowship in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where he was working at the intersection of big data, statistics, and machine learning.

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