updating rows in datatable - Leykis 101 rules of dating

by  |  27-Nov-2016 20:24

I was talking to a friend of mine recently about her dating life.

"Joanna" is 33, single, straight, and interested in -- eventually -- getting married and having children.

The two that jump out in my mind are the 23 year old woman with a heavy accent who is probably still dating her 32 year old boyfriend (Strike 1: and the young moron who had his older girlfriend arrested for domestic violence earlier today.

The young woman couldn't understand what she was supposed to do about her cheating, older boyfriend.

If a guy isn't marriage material, or has no interest in getting married -- or is planning on waiting until he's struck by divine certainty -- Joanna wants to know sooner rather than later so that she can move on.

Joanna recently asked me a question: "When is it best to bring up what my goals are?

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