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by  |  26-Jun-2017 02:18

Dick pics are already a plague, and it’s very hard to imagine that something similar won’t be an issue when you open the door to real-time chat.

This app did a total relaunch in October — the emphasis is now on forming real relationships over hookups — and since then has only been available on i OS.

Penora says the company plans to "implement features" this summer to prevent fake profiles and that they're keen to "keep one step ahead of criminals.""We will be constantly adding security features. But, with apps like Tinder, Grindr, Match, and Bumble ruling the roost in the online dating realm, is one app's zero-tolerance approach to crime really going to make a difference? Maybe it's time other dating apps stepped up their security game.

But, perhaps not to quite the same extent as Gatsby.

Gatsby doesn't allow any users with criminal records, regardless of the type of crime committed. To do a judgment call on each crime and to determine which crime is "acceptable" wouldn’t feel right.

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