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Sibley told Amber about Scott and she agreed to let Sibley give him her phone number.Scott contacted Amber in early November and they made a date to meet on November 20, 2002.

If you're not working and you don't see your dreams coming true, there can be a lot of heartache.

Sibley states that he told her he was single and wanted to meet someone to have a long-term relationship with, someone intelligent.

Scott Peterson met Shawn Sibley, Amber Frey's best friend at the time, during a business conference in Anaheim, California in October 2002.

Ron and Brenda divorced when Amber was five years old. She attended Fresno City College where she received an AA in child development and later, Golden State College in Fresno where she completed 540 hours vocational training to pursue her career interests in massage therapy.

Gardner also claims that some of the prosecution's strongest evidence should never have been shown to the jury.

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