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Members’ of the union will receive compensation in respect of their eligible deposits up to €100,000 per person, with payments issuing automatically to the address held on file by the union.

The statement from the Central Bank concludes: “The Central Bank remains fully supportive of the credit union sector in Ireland and is committed to the continued development of a strong and sustainable credit union sector that meets members’ changing needs and protects their savings.” Fianna Fail finance spokesman Michael Mc Grath said that the decision will come as a “shock to savers locally…and is also a sharp reminder of the challenges facing the sector generally”.

EXCELLENT CLINICAL AND RESEARCH REPUTATION: SHC's strong reputation and brand recognition for excellent tertiary and quaternary care and state of the art clinical research conducted by faculty physicians is a key credit strength as it increases its geographic footprint in the Bay Area and beyond. CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS: SHC's progress on its $2 billion master facility plan is on-time and on budget.

The new facility is expected to be completed by December 2017 with transition to the new Stanford Hospital by spring 2018.

Reinstatement requires liquidation of all indebtedness and approval by the Committee of Delegates. Individuals from countries in which an incorporated or chartered Society does not exist may have full representation in the programs of the Congress and at the Business Meeting of a Congress, but may not participate in the functions of the Committee of Delegates. The names of the President and Secretary of the Member Society for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry shall be presented to the Secretary-General of the IFSHC at the time of the accreditation of a Society.

Any change in the name(s) of these official(s) occurring in the interval between International Congresses must be transmitted promptly to the Secretary-General. In the case of the existence of two or more Societies within a single country, the nomination of not more than two delegates to represent these societies in the Committee of Delegates shall be at their discretion. A member Society that does not pay at least minimum annual dues for the for the four year leading up to and including the year of the International Congress will be put on probation.

Security Code: SHCwe understand Sunshine Heart's decision to delist its CDIs was due to the low level of CDIs quoted on ASX, particularly when compared to Sunshine Heart's current issued share capital, and the low level of trading on ASX compared to that on NASDAQ.

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