Top 10 intimidating animals Chat with sex stanger

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Deathstalker is a deadly scorpion of Northern Africa.

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Experts suggest the best hope for getting a gator to loosen its grip is to punch it in the eyes, nose or ears.

Gators are normally indigenous to the Southeastern coastline, with the greatest population living in Florida, but that's all changing thanks to irresponsible pet owners who purchase the animals as babies and then release them once they get too big to care for.

Sure, but that doesn't explain why cockroaches freak people out (if you don't believe me, just check the list, and see the votes for yourself).

It's highly unlikely that you'll be done in by a killer cockroach – so what gives?

A gator's tail can pack a wallop and is capable of breaking bones with just one swing, but the animal's real strength lies in its jaws.

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