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by  |  16-Oct-2016 09:43

This way, system admins can switch from Full Installations (even with the Desktop Experience feature turned on) to Server Core Installations. We saw an uptick in the adoption of Server Core due to this opportunity and believe it made the life of admins easier, even though they would not fully benefit as much as they would with a Server Core Installation from the get-go.

Now, in Windows Server 2016, Microsoft no longer offers to add and remove GUI layers.

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Even though, Windows Server 2008 Server Core headed for a dead end street in some scenarios, some organizations opted to install their Windows Servers as Server Core installs.

To allow even greater agility, but also to get the installation ‘just right’ using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Microsoft offered to add and remove GUI layers in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Also, many of the (graphical) tools we needed in Windows Servers to configure the Windows Server installation also have grown up and now offer command-line, if not Power Shell support.

Keeping a networking environment up to date can be a tricky task.

Windows Server 2016 is in effect the Windows 10 version of the server OS.

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