Virus updating my address book

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It runs a quickscan for the worst infections, but what if you would like to use the removal tool to run a more thorough scan of your computer.

We'll show you how to manually start the MSRT and how to run a thorough scan for problems.

If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, this file is probably located at c:\windows\debug\3) The log file will open in Windows Notepad. If you had an infected file, you will see something like the following in the log file.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v1.33, September 2007 Started On Sat Sep 15 2007 Extended Scan Results ---------------- -Scan ERROR: resource file://C:\(code 0x00000020 (32)) Found virus: Backdoor: Win32/Nuwar. ini in file://C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\Found virus: Backdoor: Win32/Nuwar. ini in file://C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\Desktop\Virus Info\Found virus: Trojan: Win32/Tibs.

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