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Well Francis did get called out, to Ghana and had to take Christopher with him.

Once they got there and heading to the motel room they were in a car accident and both were in the hospital and Christopher was in bad shape in a coma he needed a 2000 dollar Operation or he would die and ask me if I could get him the money weeks went by of him begging and pleading threatening to kill his self if he didn't get the money he couldn't live with out Chris and how heartless people are he even got mad one time and left then came back on messenger to apologies I wondered if he was trying to scam me, Deep down inside I think I knew but I was desperate, I'm in a bad marriage and trying to get out with out loosing my Baby.

We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.

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Hypericum comes from the Greek word hyperikon which is broken down into hyper, meaning over, and eikon, meaning image or apparition, a reference to the belief that the herb was so obnoxious to evil spirits that even a whiff of it would cause them to disseminate.

(3) Another translation, almost over ghosts, confirms the mystical beliefs expressed during the Medieval period.

He was real nice and seem to be crazy about me I loved the attention he said he lived in NY the Bronx and he was A Army General and leaving for a mission soon, couple days later he was so happy he got custody of his 8 year old son Christopher and sent me pictures (what a cutie)He said his x-wife was abusive to him and she even stole money out of his account causing them to freeze the account and he cant do nothing about it till he gets out of the army he will be retiring at his next mission and when he gets back he will be able to get back to his money and he will help my daughter and I, I thought I found my Angle from God.

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