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It’s called X-Plane 10.” Marcus Scrinber: “My favorite app, and I’m going to do a shameless plug, but my favorite app is You Tube!

My favorite app I’d have to say is probably Instagram or something. I don’t really know what app, I don’t really play any games except like this one game that’s a plane game and I have to land a plane. It’s like the best thing ever, so maybe that’s my favorite app.

“It was so funny because that’s when you realize how small the world is.

But it’s been fantastic and his family was wonderful, inviting us out to their horse farm in Ilderton so we could get in a little riding.

I feel like I can get lost on the explore page and just looking up my friends’ photos. ” Kendra-Leigh Timmins: “Definitely Instagram, because I think pictures are such a fun way to capture memories!

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